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By betting, you can earn a maximum of few thousands of dollars per month with the appropriate success and number of bets. As soon as your betting account reaches more significant numbers, all bookmakers will limit your deposit. They won't allow you to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars a month from them.

I recommend a different bank amount for each membership.

The Green Club – at least $150 just for bets,

The Rob's Membership – at least $250 just for bets,

The ALL IN Membership – at least $1.000 just for bets.

I do not recommend betting to be your primary source of income. You cannot rely on a regular and stable income every month. You can take betting as your pleasant extra income, an adrenaline rush, and a fascinating hobby.

I provide free tips every day on my Twitter and Telegram. People like to use my free tips to build capital. 

I do not claim to be the best tipster, although I think the tips are very successful. On the other hand, I am convinced that the services we offer have no competition in the European market.

You will find the success rate of each tip in our Tip History section.

In our RobStark tipping service, there is an individual approach for each client. If you do not yet understand the basic concepts such as course amount, handicap, or match time, I will be happy to explain and show you everything. For more, look there - in our glossary of basic terms.

The RobStark project is legitimate with a traceable ID, terms & conditions, website, and 24/7 service. You know, who stands behind the project. We do not butter someone up with expensive cars and a lot of money. As perhaps the only one on the market, we show people the truth about betting and do not promise unrealistic goals. Since 2018, RobStark has built a prestigious name in the betting field.

In the European market, we will find thousands of so-called consultations that claim how to make you a millionaire. When choosing advice, you should look for someone, who offers you realistic goals. The RobStark tipping service is the only one on the market whose service differs from other consulting agencies.

The most reliable ticket is the 7777 ticket, on which we also bet most of the bank.

Long-term profitability is a 16% evaluation from wagered deposits (not the initial bank.

The analysed tickets do not have a 100% success rate. It is also necessary to take into consideration they may not be successful. We do not give replacement tickets.

In Green Club, you have an average of 10 daily tips with an average rate of 2.15.

In Rob's Membership, you will also receive compound tickets - 7777, Kamikaze, NHL ticket, LIVE bets (Telegram group), and one of the special tickets such as Premier League, Fortuna League, Extraliga, etc.

In ALL IN Membership, all special tickets are open.

Memberships are available if you can see them in the Membership section. When there is no more capacity, the offer says that membership is unavailable.

No. My deposit amount is limited because of the higher success rate than usual. Betting is my hobby and bonus source of income.

We bet every day - 365 days a year.

70 % of all bets go to European hockey and the NHL, 20 % to European football, and the remaining 10 % to other sports such as tennis, martial arts, or handball.

Every platform has pros and cons. It is better to have multiple betting accounts due to the different rates of individual matches, but of course, you only need one account.

You should not use your main bank account for betting transactions. I recommend opening an account with another bank for this purpose.

No, betting is possible only for people over 18 years of age. 

The RobStark membership contains daily analysed tips and prepared tickets. We deliver clients these tips and tickets (together with voice analysis) via WhatsApp. You can also find them all on the website in the customer section. We respond to the development of matches in the Telegram group for Rob's membership and ALL IN membership. We monitor the matches and recommend the most advantageous response in the profit-risk ratio (cash-out, counter-bet, ticket insurance). We also send LIVE bets to the Telegram group. We have an individual approach with each client – a private chat on WhatsApp. Membership also includes mentoring regarding betting and investment. Of course, our service also includes updated MoneyManagement for the most efficient profitability of tips. Each member has support from Rob on WhatsApp.

With an active membership, you have all the tips and tickets in your client section on the RobStark website. If you are in Rob's membership and ALL IN membership, you get everything early in the morning on WhatsApp.

Entrepreneurship is suitable for those who realize the potential of their opportunities and have big goals. I realized this when I was 13 y. o. It has always been clear to me that if I want to be good and maybe a little better than others, entrepreneurship is a way to go.

A tip for a match or a sporting event consists of only one occasion.

A ticket is multiple tips together in one bet.

Membership is renewed automatically. You can easily cancel it at any time with one click in the client section.

You can find the purchased ticket after logging in in the Tickets section. The ticket will be unlocked after a successful payment.

We publish and send tips and tickets for the day between 0:00 and 8:00, so you have plenty of time for bets.

It is necessary to have an active betting account, the WhatsApp and Telegram application installed, and the necessary capital.

This e-book will open your eyes in a betting world.  How to win over betting shops and especially over yourself? You’ll find the answer there.

The e-book will arrive immediately after a successful payment, or is free with purchased membership.

If you want something more than match tips without any analysis and appreciate the wide range of my services, this membership is just for you. We offer a rich service with a wide range of tips and tickets, thanks to which betting will be fun and make sense.

Verification is suitable for counselling, that publish a few tips in advance and then wait for the result. Providing tips is their only service. RobStark tipping service works with LIVE matches and responds to their development. Reactions such as cash-outs, counter-bets, insurance-bets cannot be entered into verifications in LIVE time. Also, it isn't possible to enter compound tickets, maxi-combinators, or e-sports.

Another issue is the credibility of the verifications themselves, where the vast majority is secretly controlled and owned by other betting advisors. We immediately provide our clients with the information we obtain during the day. If someone brags about successful verification, it doesn’t mean that his strategy is really profitable and functional.

I strongly recommend my e-book and Youtube channel.

The 7777 ticket is a ticket of the day with great confidence and average rate of 2.5, which we bet every day. 7777 is the symbolic amount for bringing good luck to this ticket. For clients, this ticket should represent 5 % of the betting bank. 

We bet the 7777 ticket every day. Record months have 22 tickets won. The worst months have around 10. The average rate is 2.5. The long-term profitability of the ticket is 16 %.

There was a great demand for tickets with higher rates, and therefore we offer Kamikaze ticket, which has an average rate of 12. It consists of 4-5 matches. This ticket is included in Rob's membership and ALL IN membership, and we bet it daily.

We currently offer 3 types of membership. The cheapest Green Club membership costs $77 / 30 days. The Rob's membership costs $150 / 30 days. The ALL IN membership costs $200 / 30 days. In the case of ordering for 3, 6 or 12 months, we provide a significant discount – see the Membership section.

It depends on your life situation, how much money you want to invest, and for how long. Sometimes investing in yourself (knowledge, health) may be ideal. For people with free capital, investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, assets, or collectibles, can be a good choice. You can also invest in a start-up, for example. I have prepared several videos on this topic on my Youtube channel.

If you order a membership for more than 30 days, we provide a significant discount.

No. The shortest membership period is one month.

Membership starts functioning immediately after successful payment. For the fastest possible start of communication, contact us as soon as possible on WhatsApp. Our phone number will be sent to you by e-mail after the successful payment of the membership.

At the beginning of the RobStark project, we tried this method. Due to our experience with honesty, we do not offer this option.

MoneyManagement is a recommendation of the deposit amount for specific tips and tickets, so that the profitability is as high as possible and the risk of losing the bank in the event of a failed betting period is eliminated as much as possible. 

Anyone who wants to start betting should have money set aside for bets that will not limit them. This money is called a bank.

I recommend betting on everything. But everyone likes something different and can take a different level of risk. I tell my clients to bet mainly on what they enjoy. If there is a tip against your favourite team on a specific day, I am not saying that you have to bet it and follow only me.

I made my first million dollars by doing business - not by betting. You can find out more in my videos HERE.

If you have a problem with discipline, I recommend not betting at all.

I started in high school at the age of 16, when an older classmate bet me a ticket. Today, it's been almost 20 years since I bet.